HR Outsourcing Companies in India

In a present global business scenario, the success of any business largely depends upon its human capital. We are providers of HR services in Mumbai. Our HR Solutions in Mumbai can cater to all your human resource requirements with complete dexterity.

Some of our main services are as follows:

Our Range of Activities:
We carry out many different activities ranging from recruitment, and training to temporary staffing and similar all other HR solutions in Mumbai. Some of our main HR services in Mumbai include:

  • Job analysis,
  • Performance management and training,
  • Managing compensation and benefits.

Why Do Businesses Use Hr Outsourcing in India?

In a present global business scenario, the success of any business largely depends upon its human capital. We are providers of HR services in Mumbai. Our HR Solutions can cater to all your human resource requirements with complete dexterity.

The global recession, Pandemic effects, tough competition, increasing overheads, and drop in profit margin - all these need complete focus and innovative strategy for your core business.

So, to focus on your core business along with outsourcing HR Solutions to its experts makes more sense.

The outsourcing HR services can handhold on a continuous basis for long terms unlike HR Recourses changes job frequently and the smooth workflow either gets delayed or disturbed.

We are present in more than 25 different domains, very well aware of different industry challenges and solutions.

Our work process involves:

  • Discussion with clients about proper role mapping,
  • Performing detailed search,
  • Short-listing prospects,
  • Calling candidates for interview at our office,
  • Short-listed candidates are then sent to the client for a final interview

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HR Outsourcing Companies in India

Why Choose New Horizon as HR Outsourcing Companies in India?

Ever since its establishment, New Horizon has evolved as one of the best HR outsourcing companies in India. Bridging the gap between potential candidates and the company, the scope of our services goes beyond just talent acquisition.

Offering domestic as well as international recruitment services, we are committed to helping our clients find the right balance throughout their business operations. From permanent staffing to temporary, from executive search to C-level recruitments, our HR solutions in Mumbai also include organization structuring, employee retention plans, and payroll computation.

With reliable services for HR outsourcing in India, we tailor our services to help with improved efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with regulations.

With more than 20 years of experience in the human resources domain, we have established our presence in more than 25 industries. Pacing up with the latest changes and trends in the HR domain, we incorporate winning strategies that help our clients win an edge in the curve.

Offering reliable services for HR outsourcing in India, we at New Horizon help your organization with end-to-end processes. From sourcing to screening the candidates, we ensure a smooth transition to the company by working closely with the concerned parties throughout the onboarding process.

After discussing your goals and objectives, our experts work closely with you to outline a plan that suits your requirements and helps us bring tangible results in the form of numbers. We aim to adhere to regulatory compliance while incorporating client-centric strategies for definite results. As one of the best HR outsourcing companies in India, we assure you scalable solutions that help you achieve your goals and objectives in the short and long run.


HR Outsourcing companies in India offer services like professional hiring, business development with recruitment training, performance management, compensation management, benefits management, reward management, incentive management, consultancy services, and specialised consultancy services.

HR outsourcing prominently helps the business by streamlining essential Human resources activities like recruitment, compensation, payroll & employee administration. Outsourcing Human Resources solutions reduce the overhead operational costs, proving cost-effective along with benefiting the business in ample ways like training & development, consultancy, etc.

The advantages of taking services from HR outsourcing companies in India are,

  • Quality recruits
  • Thorough verification of candidates
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Rewards & Incentives schemes
  • Training & development programs
  • Strategic planning for smart recruitment
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Cost-effective with good benefits

Yes, at New Horizon, we always consider your business as our own and discuss role mapping before short-listing candidates for the final interview. Our top HR consultants in Mumbai are experts in thoroughly reviewing your business module before working on proper Implementation. Our HR outsourcing in India follows a client-centric strategy that keeps track of your human resource requirements every month. Besides focusing on traditional outsourcing, our HR solutions in Mumbai also provide a result-oriented Performance Management System. We help your corporation benefit from domestic and international recruitment services offered by the 20+ years of rich experience of our HR consultants.

New Horizon assists your organization with recruitment, helping to source and screen candidates. Our HR solutions also support employee onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition into the company. Additionally, we offer guidance on HR policies and compliance, ensuring legal requirements are met. Our HR outsourcing companies in India handle payroll and benefits administration and provide training and development programs. As one of India's leading HR companies in India, we offer comprehensive support in various HR functions to help organizations manage their workforce effectively.