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Employees Retention Plan

Employees Retention Plan is about introducing different strategies & techniques by management which induces Employees to stay for the same organization for a long term.

  • The recruitment process to attract the right talent is time-consuming, challenging & costly.
  • Every Management invests a huge amount of training & time to develop & groom every new employee.
  • When the talent is developed & resign from the organization, the chances of them joining a competitor are quite high. In that case, important talent, knowledge, the secret of company strategy & customer all go out with employee.
  • The entire process of hiring new employees, investing time & training with no guarantee of new employees being retained is very frustrating & does not allow Management to focus on core business.
  • With multi-tasking trained, motivated & old employee any Business grows faster since retained employees contribute better, faster & smoother to take company to next level.

New Horizon designs & implement Employee Retention Plan so that the employees who are assets of your company will remain for longer term & contribute positively for Business growth.

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Ways to Retain Employees Forever

  • Giving your staff duties that allow them to grow demonstrates your faith in them.
  • Respect employees want to feel they are valued and respected.
  • Revenue distribution makes a portion of your employee's pay contingent on the company's performance.
  • Reward.
  • It's time to unwind.

A retention strategy is a plan that firms develop and use to decrease employee turnover, avoid attrition, boost retention, and encourage employee engagement.