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Human Resource may be termed as one of the pillars of a business or a commercial venture, the reason for this is - without the help of human resource it is impossible to take an initiative forward. The diversity and strength that a team provides to a company, ensures that the company is on the path to progress. This implies that the best resource available must be hired for work. Our team of expert HR consultants, make sure that they understand and relate to your business needs, so that they may be able to give you the best solutions for your HR needs.

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We are one of the top recruitment firms in Mumbai and the preferred partner for leading multinationals in India. Our strong point is....

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Executive Search

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions in organizations....

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Organisation Structuring

An organizational structure is inevitable in every business. Designing an ideal organization structure helps employees to follow reporting authorities....

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Employee Compensation & Benefit Plan

A well designed compensation and benefits plan helps to attract, retain & motivate talent in every organization....

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Policy Manual

HR policies are basically set procedures , practices or guidelines to drive organization towards system based approach rather than person based approach....

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Performance Management System

A complete transformation of Business Goals into Department Goals and further into Individual Employee Goals followed by the review of their performance is....

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Employee Retention Plan

Employee Retention is about introducing different strategy & technique by management which induces Employee to stay for same organization for a long term....

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Payroll Computation

In most of the company Accounts department computes salary in simple excel sheets. The right people to handle this function is Payroll Experts....

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Outsource HR Services & Solutions

In a present global business scenario, the success of any business largely depends upon its human capital. We are providers of HR services in Mumbai....

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